8 June 2013

There are millions of resources for you to tap into when it comes to blogs, a few of the best ones are highlighted here for your consideration.

Hootsuite.com HootSuite is a social media management system for brand management created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, MySpace, WordPress and Mixi
Blogger.com is a website owned, and operated by Google that allows users to post blogs for free, and make money with AdSense. While blogger.com lacks the power of a Wordpress, it is easy for those that are interested in implementing their AdSense ads in a simple, little code, manner.

Wordpress.com is another blog publishing software that is known on the net as the most powerful, and sophisticated blog publishers out there. Wordpress is also free, and allows users to build blogs that are much more advanced than a blogger.com site would be. Wordpress.com also allows users to customize their blog more than most, and even implements free plug-ins that are also worthwhile.

Blogrankings.com is another great site that ranks all the latest and greatest blogs. The value of this site is to look at what other top bloggers are doing, and attempt to emulate it with your own blog. Understanding what makes a certain blog in your niche so popular can revolutionize the way you think about and post to your own blog, which could have long lasting positive effects.

TheFreeSite.com offers free blog resources that are as much fun, as they are useful. The site offers users free software, and plugins to enhance any blog, or even create one from scratch. Since so many blog updates are costly these days, TheFreeSite gives users a nice alternative with their free downloads of blog software. 

Blogarama.com offers users a virtual telephone book of blogs from all areas of subject matter. No matter what your interest, or niche, this website can bring out the best and most popular blogs. This site is full of directory style listings, and even user ratings to help you search the net.

Ultimately the best blog resource is the one that caters to your needs, and thus must be sought out by you according to what you are trying to achieve. Seeking out your own best blog resources will certainly help you profit from blogs in the near future.

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