4 June 2013

starting a blog
A Blog is a noun as well as verb in English grammar, you can say that a blog is an online diary where you can save all of your content/articles/images etc in a digital format. You and the world can see your diary when they want or when they search. So it is basically to write or upload something is called blogging. In today's world, blogging has become one of the rapidly grown trends, now every second person has a blog to share his thoughts and experiments with the entire world. This has become a very popular and stunning way of expressing yourself to the world of 3 billion people online. So today, I'd give you an idea about blogging. 

The History of Blogging

The history is not more than a decade or so, however, blogging on the internet became popular in 1998 when blogger.com came into being. Writers started their blogs on free platforms such as blogger.com and blog.com. But when WordPress came into being, the bloggers pupped up dramatically. WordPress, Blogger and more such platforms are basically free tools where you can freely establish your blog in minutes.

How to start a blog? 

Starting a blog is same like decorating a room, where you first think about the design, then you think about the stuff you need to decorate the room and after that you start living in the room. So same as that procedure, blogging also needs some skills for getting starting. You may need some ideas to get started blogging, and the idea is basically a topic which you choose to write on. There are many platforms on the internet which you can use to start your blog for free. And here is the list.
List of Top Blogging Platforms:

The above websites provide you free tools to create your blog in very less time, blogger.com and WordPress.com are two kings among all and they provide you great services for free. Just select a topic of your niche and start writing on that from today, You'll be live forever.

What are the requirements for starting a blog? 

There are some basic requirements for starting a blog, If you have the basic concept of HTML, CSS then it would be an advantage for you. Also you need to be passionate about blogging and you should know in which language you are starting a blog, if you are starting a blog in English then you must know how to write in English, or if you use any other language then you should know that language.
However, if you don't have any designing skills then you can just learn about blogger.com or WordPress.com for getting starting your blog. And you can learn that here on my blog. 

Can we earn money through blog? 

Yes, we can. If your blog has some unique content and genuine visitors then you can surely make extra money through your blog, and that is by displaying ads on your blog. So basically you can convert your readers into money by using Advertisements of Google Adsense, BuySellads or any other network. There are hundreds of networks which provide you ads for your blog. 
However, your blog must have genuine content and visitors. So for driving visitors, you need to be a little bit expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), all the above mentioned things you can learn by visiting this blog regularly. So make sure you follow us. 
Finally, let me know by commenting below the post if something is missing or you have to ask something about something. 
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