4 June 2013

top adsense alternativesGoogle Adsense is without doubts the king of online ad services. So far, there is no competition between Adsense and any other ad network. It is run effectively by Google and has been improving and upgrading its systems time to time. It has high CPC (Cost Per Click) rates and many things more which has made it the top PPC network among all others. But what if you violate a program policy or Google mistakenly disabled your account?, you at that time will be thinking to find out alternatives for GA. However, it isn't necessary that you should think of Adsense alternatives when you got disabled. You should always think to find more monetization options for your blogs and websites. Internet is full of treasures and opportunities. Whether your Adsense account is active or not but you should consider the top ten ad networks which pay less than Adsense, but pay on time.
These are actually alternative websites to Google Adsense, but I'm again ensuring that they can be used along with Adsense as well as without it. Because GA is not the only solution to monetize your blog on. There is a lot more on the way, something big is also there than GA.

Top 10 Alternatives to Adsense in 2013

Here is the list of top 10 websites which provide you opportunity to insert their ads/banners inside your blogs/website and earn money same as you earn with Adsense.
1. BuySellAds.com
Buy Sell Ads
BSA is not a PPC network as Adsense is, but it is a direct banner ads network which works better than Adsense. And if we compare its policies with Adsense then BSA has very simple program policy, once your site is approved by BSA, it will be active forever as far as you work hard. 
If you wanna use BSA on your blog then you must meet the minimum criteria described by BuySellAds.com. Following is a list of requirements your blog must have in order to be approved by BSA. 
  • Your blog must have at least 50K monthly page views
  • Blog must be in English
  • Blog must be finished and not under construction 
  • Must have more than 50 posts and fresh content
  • Pornography, illegal, hacking-cracking, casino sites are not accepted by BSA
  • Blog must have a professional design
Tribal Fusion ads
This is the second better alternative to AdSense which can earn you more money than Adsense, but its requirements are also more than BSA and Adsense. If your blog is meeting following criteria then must give a try to it. 
  • Your blog should have 500,000K monthly page views
  • Top level domain like .com not .blogspot or .wordpress etc
  • Blog must have a professional design
  • Fresh and updated content
  • Blog must not publish illegal content
Tribal Fusion is a PPC network and works just fine like Adsense. 
Qadabra ads
This is a great banner-ads network which doesn't required any specific criteria and you can use their ads on your site even if you have very low traffic. Just give it a try if Google Adsense, BSA and other don't work for you. You'll lose nothing, but will get something. 
text link ads
This is another text-based advertising company which provides you great opportunities to earn money online with your content regardless your site's statistics. This network works best for text-based sites, this won't work for sites having wallpaper in large. But it is among the top alternatives of Adsense. 
Yahoo ads

Media.net is the combine Ads network of Yahoo and bing search engines, and this is also a PPC network same like Google Adsense, it is considered as the major alternative to Adsense these days, the minimum pay out is $100 same as Adsense, and they directly pay you via Paypal. Also, unlike Adsense, you can directly contact them via email and discuss your problem. You can even apply for a publisher account if you have low traffic for your site/blog. 
Infolinks ads
This is another text-based advertising network which is among the alternatives of Adsense, this network works effectively for sites having text content in large. Their payment methods are also similar to Adsense, like they pay you via Western Union and Paypal too. Also you can use it with Adsense altogether. 
Chitika ads

Chitika is a PPC network and works same as Adsense, If any of the above networks don't work for you then you may want to get some money back from your content by using Chitika. Payment option is Paypal. There are 250,000 publishers already using Chitika for monetizing their websites. 
8. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
This is something bigger than Adsense, actually the main thing is your blog/site and the visitors/traffic you have. If you have a good amount of visitors/readers then Affiliate marketing can work best for you. You can use affiliates banners on your blog/site and when someone will purchase anything using your affiliate link then you are given a big commission for that. Here is the list of websites you can take products' links from and insert inside your site:
Kontera PPC
This is one more text-based PPC network similarly like infolinks. You must have text-content available on your blog in order to apply for a Kontera publisher account. However, traffic doesn't matter. This is a network which is used by thousands of web owners for monetization. You can use it for free. 
clicksor ads
It is a PPC network and alternative to Google Adsense. It offers text, banner ads and also pop up ads. If you have a decent traffic on your blog/site then you may be surprised seeing earning with Clicksor. So if all of the above networks don't work then must give it a try. 
Some More Alternatives to Google Adsense
I've given you every possible alternative to Google Adsense, and I've used many of them myself. I've used Adhitz.com and have got one payment, I've used infolinks and I'm about to get a payment from them. I've also used Chitika and BuySellads, and their result is indeed great. You can use them too and earn a decent amount without having Adsense ads on your blogs. 
Over to YOU:
Have you found an alternative for your blog from above list? Or you may have more alternatives different than my list, do share them with me and my readers in the comment section. 
Take Care and happy earnings!


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