1 August 2013

Do Not Spam Your Blog:-

Get in mind dont spam your blog by placing too many ad's from different advertiser's this makes the reader leave your website.This can also be look like Spam you never wanted 4 it to look like.

Readers are humans and they dont want a website that is only built for Google adsense.They are there for the content and so therefore make them happy to read your content.Two or three are the best amount of ads to have on your website.

Ad Color:-

The color of the ad should be coordinated to your blog links and they should look like they are a part of your blog.People are mostly liked to click something that doesnt look like a ad.You need to make the ads look like navigation links of your blog and they are taking you to a new page.

Popping up New Contents:-

Writing up a new content everyday is not a great revelation,but it is proven that it generates the traffic of your blog.I think your are using best keyword density keyword's in your post,if dont use them for better Rankings.Try to Compete other blog's by posting a new & unique content everyday.If you post a new article daily then your chance's might increase of getting clicks on the ad's.

Select the Best Ad Formats:-

Well adsense comes in a lot of different formats.You need to use a banner ad for your Top part portion and Square's & rectangle's for the sidebar.The best formats are 336 x 280 (large rectangle) ads,160 x 160 skyscrapper ads and 300  x  250(Small rectangle) ad.These are the most athentically appealing ads to the visitors and presents the text in a readble format.

Have Proper & Stronger Keyword Density:-

Check your keyword density before you post a article or post on your blog/site.Your keyword density is going to determine the niche of your blog and helps in improving your search results in search engine's.It's a helpful point when you have a good and unique traffic then you're gonna get huge clicks on the ads.

However Keyword density is also going determine the kinds of advertisement is posted on your blog.Use a keyword density tool that so your post isn't marked as spam.This is also helpful to boost your keyword keyword density.

Right Ads Positions:-

The position that your ads are placing is very important for us in getting clicks on the ads.When a Visitor Visit's your blog he scans the blog navigation and checks the headlines to see if the information is relevant to their search.Uisng the liinks as navigation links around the blog is one of the best method of positioning ads.

Put your links at the top and at the bottom of the content.Look you have to check the links look like a part of your blog.By this method you are most likely to get more clicks on your ads.

Before implementing the ad code on your blog make sure that the background colors, Links colour's,Text links and border links correspond with your site outlook.


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