1 August 2013


Wordpress is known to be the best blogging platform of 2013.WordPress is one of the most used content management service till date for its attractive management features and its user-friendly behavior.WordPress also offers free sub-domain with almost every WordPress CMS feature.As well as you can register a domain at their inbuilt platform.But some limitations are there,You have to go Premium Service to access Premium Themes and to add a Custom Domain to your blog.

Some of the most Popular Blogs which are running on WordPress Platform,Such as Wall Street Journal Blogs,People Magazine and Tech Crunch.This blogs are currently running on WordPress Platform and more millions are blogs are being managed on WordPress.


  • A WordPress blog is extremely flexible and can be made to run everything from an eCommerce store to a video-focused tum-blog.
  • Free. The only expenses associated with running a WordPress blog are server and domain costs.
  • WordPress is more than a decade old and has gone through countless updates.
  • WordPress has hundreds of thousands of plugins, courtesy of its vibrant open-source developer community.
  • A huge theme library means you can customize your blog’s appearance to your heart’s content.


  • To take full advantage of WordPress features, you need to host it on your server, which can add significant overhead in terms of hosting, domain and CDN costs.
  • Customization often requires tinkering with code's.

Recommended For:-

  • Pro-Bloggers.(How to Be a Pro Blogger?)
  • Media Companies and business that requires a stable standard for their blogging solution.


Blogger is a free and Powerful blogging platform which is provided by Google with all easy access to Widgets and basic &Dynamic Templates built in it.As well as it offers you a free Sub domain (blogspot.com). It has Dual mode editor with unlimited bandwith It Offers you add unlimited articles Photo's & Videos to Your blog.Some new features like robots.txt editing,Custom 404 Page,Custom Post meta description Custom redirections and much more.Though it is a free service and don't worry about your account because it is secured by Google.As it is Owned by Google so it Offer's you access its all tools to bring up Your Blog.As Well as Helping Your blog it also helps you to make money from your blog through Adsense Program.


  • Blogger is easy to use for Newbie Blogger better than WordPress.
  • Monetization is easy thanks to built-in Google AdSense.
  • Unlimited Themes and Styles(Third Party Themes)
  • Easy to setup a Custom domain.
  • Unlimited Plugins (Third Party Codes)


  • If you’re the curious type, you won’t be able to customize the site by fiddling with the back-end code.

Recommended For:-

  • Casual & Semi-Pro Bloggers  
  • Businesses that want a simple bogging solution mainly built for internal audiences.


Tumblr is mainly a micro-blogging platform,other than WordPress and blogger it is focused on blogging frequently. Tumblr is a mixture of twitter and blogging so i think you would not be bored of using it.On sign up you will get a sub-domain (tumblr.com)and if you own a domain then you can easily link up your blog easily.It supports multi user blog and sorts a different type of customization.You can find millions of themes there. Currently Tumblr is hosting 97million blogs with 44billion posts.


  • Publishing on Tumblr is as easy as you can choose the post-type (image, video, text, or link) and hitting publish.
  • Tumblr’s Control Panel is extremely easy to manage multiple blogs at a Time.
  • Large variety of stunning themes for free of use.
  • Mobile friendly interface; dedicated mobile apps.
  • Ability to publish posts on the fly through SMS, email or audio message.


  • Highly visual design does not encourage text-heavy blogging.
  • Lack of comprehensive CDN, caching, or anti-virus plugins.
  • Emphasis on sharing devalues original content, particular textual content.

Recommended For:-

  • Casual bloggers who want something between Twitter and WordPress.
  • Businesses trying to expand their brand through visual content.


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