3 July 2013

Hello there Dear reader, Am Dontirex and I really would love to appreciate you coming by BlogPruner Today. In this article we will be dealing with “3 Hot and Simple Secrets for Unlimited Blog Traffic” to get unlimited traffic coming into your blog over time and all the time.
Here is my equation for unlimited blog traffic success:

Great Design + Fresh Content + Easy Navigation = Unlimited Traffic.

Below is a list of these secrets.

Excellent Design: 

You should be able to design and develop your blog template outlook/feel to make sure it looks good to the eyes of your prospective readers and not to forget your own set of eyes, lol. When your blog/site looks good your readers would love coming back all the time.
Whatever column layout you prefer to use either it’s a 1, 2 or 3 column template the bottom line still remains that your blog/site should look very presentable and pleasing to the eye.

Easy Navigation: 

If your blog happens to have  poor or broken navigation links a lot and poor choice of colors, these factors tends to repel readers all the time and they won’t want to return back again because their previous user/navigational experiences weren’t pleasant. So you have to make sure your blog is easy to navigate and is totally readable.

Fresh Content:

As a blogger you should always put great amounts of efforts into making sure that you come up with unique and new blog post contents as the lack of this attributes I have just stated tend to reduce the reputation of your blog may have under the close scrutiny or search engines and Adsense companies before and when you decide that you want to monetize your site.

I believe this information was useful for your perusal. More Informative posts coming soon, we will show you how to monetize a blog in just one month of launching it online so keep it locked down with us.


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