1 July 2013

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  • Australia's highest converting content
  • Full XML deal feed integration for Deal Aggregators
  • IP Location based targeted creative
  • Keyworks and content based targeted creative
  • Less invasive and more engaging advertising
  • Multiple On-going Revenue Streams
  • Fast and Easy Setup

    Deal Widgets - Full Pagegrinding

    Here are examples of Publisher Full Page Widgets.
    The widgets are fully customizable. Click on the button to see how the widgets can be customized.
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    700px x 750px

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    Jack Media provide easy deal-shopping tools to consumers. These tools have created a new distribution platform that
  • Enables daily deal and other group buying sites to be more competitive,
  • Creates new revenue streams for online publishers and
  • Promotes greater control for merchants who wish to reap the benefits but minimize the risks of group buying promotions.
Our teams bring deep experience in interactive publishing, advertising, and the daily deal sector. We are committed in providing world-class technology, strategy development, training, service, and launch support to help our partners make the most of this fast-growing market.














australiaAustralian Network


James Kitchener

Director at Jack Media, VouchersIn, DealsGuide and Online Media Junkies
Online marketing exec with broad experience in all aspects of Conversion Optimization, Affiliate Tracking and Management, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Traffic Generation, Website Design and Programming, Email Marketing. Direct experience with multiple early-stage startups websites that have gone on to being sold. Known in the super affiliate in the Australian affiliate space, James has spoken at many tech conferences within Australia.
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Andrew Crawley

Sales and Systems Director
Specializes in Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing and Online Customer Acquisitions
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Stephen Seldon

Advertiser and Affiliate Manager
Honours Bachelor of Commerce at McMaster University
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newzealand New Zealand and canada Canada Network


Chris Sturlis

Network Director
Manage a wide range of online advertisers and publishers in the New Zealand and Canadian markets.
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Jerry Backer

Sales and Affiliate Manager
With his many years of experience in sales, marketing and management, Jerry understands what it takes to start, operate and lead a business to success. A self-taught business professional, Jerry believes that he learned most of what he knows primarily through his own and other people mistakes. He started his first company in the organic food industry with the goal of moving the world closer to healthy and sustainable living as well as to educate people on the importance of eating local and organic fresh food. After building that company into a huge success, Jerry decided to utilize his incredible passion and knowledge in the Marketing industry.
"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."
Specializes in Sales, Management, IT, Cost-per-click advertising, Cost-per-lead advertising, Cost-per-sale advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Performance Marketing, and Lead Generation
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