12 July 2013


Hello Dear Reader, in this here article I will be discussing when to monetize a blog and take you step by step on monetizing your new or blog.

When You Should Monetize Your Blog: Based on my own views, opinions and experience. I strongly advice that you only monetize your blog your blog when it meets the following criterias:-

       a.       Having at least 500 or more daily visitors (or 300 or more Visitors)

       b.      Your blog should have a breath taking Blog Template Design and easy navigation.

       c.       Have 10 to 15 RSS Subscribers (5 subscribers minimum is ok)

       d.      25 to 50 posts of totally Fresh Post Contents.
Well, with these above stated attributes I strongly believe that your blog/website and your pocket as well are both ready for CASH MAKING, LOL.

Not Every Adsense/PPC Company Online will accept you with the above requirements as its take close to 12 months before your blog gets approved. 

We have a comprehensive list of Adsense/PPC Companies who currently pay us and can immediately begin paying you for. We will send it to your facebook inbox after you follow the following SIMPLE 

          Like our facebook page
·         Leave a comment on this post that you have liked the facebook then
·         Send us your full name you currently used on facebook to like our facebook page and we will send    you this comprehensive list of adsense/ppc companies and any more support you require.

Feel free to pm us if you have problems integrating your blog with either of the Adsense/PPC Companies AdScripts.

I want to know that all Adplace & AdScripts for each Adsense/PPC Company can be run alongside each other without conflicting each other on a single blog.

I hope this information was helpful to you.
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